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16 December, 2015

Holiday Blues: Tips for Dealing with Depression

By |2017-01-17T13:51:29-05:00December 16th, 2015|Anxiety and Depression, blog, Relationships, Self Awareness|Comments Off on Holiday Blues: Tips for Dealing with Depression

      Somewhere along the way, we westerners have wholeheartedly embraced the notion that the holidays are supposed to be about having wonderful, cozy, nurturing and loving times with our families. Holding onto that thought can be depressing. As if all the tension, stress and dysfunctionality that we may have experienced with various members [...]

7 September, 2015

Anxiety and Depression: Perspectives on Suffering

By |2017-01-17T13:51:30-05:00September 7th, 2015|Anxiety and Depression|Comments Off on Anxiety and Depression: Perspectives on Suffering

 Has anxiety always been so pervasive a problem as it is today in modern cultures? Are we just naming a problem which has in fact always crippled mankind? Or, is it in fact a byproduct of the fast changing, technology driven times in which we find ourselves? While in the past, the farmer, the warrior [...]

18 May, 2015

On Dealing With Anxiety: A Conversation With a Young Man

By |2017-01-17T13:51:30-05:00May 18th, 2015|Anxiety and Depression|Comments Off on On Dealing With Anxiety: A Conversation With a Young Man

Recently I had a conversation over the internet with a young man who has been dealing with anxiety. This seems to be such a common problem, especially with young people who have so much uncertainty about the meaning of life, themselves, and their future.  As I reread the text of our conversation, it occurred to [...]

22 December, 2013

Anxiety: The Underbelly of Trust

By |2017-01-17T13:51:32-05:00December 22nd, 2013|Anxiety and Depression, Self Awareness|6 Comments

Anxiety seems to be one of the most pervasive conditions bedeviling people these days. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given that we are bombarded by chronic bad news and dire warnings at every turn. Many of my clients struggle with chronic, underlying anxiety, and sometimes, in the worst-case scenarios, these manifest in full-blown anxiety attacks that [...]

6 July, 2012

It Will Be All Right in the End: If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.

By |2017-01-17T13:51:34-05:00July 6th, 2012|Anxiety and Depression, Relationships, Self Awareness|9 Comments

This was the on-going and delightful message in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – an uplifting movie about ageing, death and renewal. It made me laugh, because the young East Indian man was so relentlessly optimistic about the future prospects of his seedy and run-down hotel, which had clearly seen better days. His unfailing good [...]

3 May, 2012

The Value Of Suffering

By |2017-01-17T13:51:34-05:00May 3rd, 2012|Anxiety and Depression, Carl Jung, Grief and Loss, Self Awareness|Comments Off on The Value Of Suffering

“It sucks!” This was the valuation of a young person recently who was commenting on a life situation she was finding particularly difficult. I had to agree. But the part she was missing, was the lesson or learning that was embedded in the experience. When someone is suffering, the last thing they usually want to [...]