Dealing with Anxiety & Depression

More and more people are dealing with
anxiety or depression than ever before

anxiety and depression

The reasons are varied, but certainly we can acknowledge the unprecedented rate of change at every level of our society is one of the most important and obvious factors. It can bring up feelings of loss of control, dread, helplessness, hopelessness, feeling lost, confused, very afraid and angry. As the body internalizes these feelings, they can actually somatize into physical symptoms such as profuse sweating, heart palpitations, flushing, rashes, headaches and fatigue. People suffering from anxiety or panic attacks are sometimes convinced that they are experiencing a heart attack as the symptoms are so similar. If you are experiencing these symptoms you must first get them checked out by a doctor.

However, if you have been told that there is nothing wrong with you physically, then you need to deal with it on an emotional and psychological level.

You don’t need to do this on your own

In fact you have probably already tried that

I have had over 24 years of helping clients deal with issues of anxiety and depression. I can help you reclaim your joy and find new purpose and meaning in your life

Together we will face into this from many angles:

  • we will try to understand what your deepest Self is trying to show you through your dreams, analyzing the how the unconscious is manifesting in the images. The inner teacher/guide is often most present in the underlying wisdom of the dream
  • we will explore the deep knowing and wisdom that is locked in your body’s symptoms and the deeply held patterns in your body. As we unlock these deeply held patterns, there is often a deep sense of understanding and insight
  • we will explore family history and other important relationships that have shaped you and had a pivotal affect on you