16 December, 2015

Holiday Blues: Tips for Dealing with Depression

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      Somewhere along the way, we westerners have wholeheartedly embraced the notion that the holidays are supposed to be about having wonderful, cozy, nurturing and loving times with our families. Holding onto that thought can be depressing. As if all the tension, stress and dysfunctionality that we may have experienced with various members [...]

22 October, 2015

What is Self Awareness?

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Self-awareness is the bedrock of all therapy. The degree to which you are self aware will shape everything in your life – your relationships, how you handle challenges and obstacles, how you deal with failure, and whether or not you can rise from the ashes and recreate your life anew. A lack of self-awareness, on [...]

20 September, 2015

Understanding Relationships

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  Animals can teach us a lot about relationships. They just seem to handle them so naturally and gracefully, with a minimum of fuss. Not so for we humans. All of life involves relationships of various sorts and they are central to our human lives. They are the alchemical vessels we are cooked in, changed [...]

7 September, 2015

Anxiety and Depression: Perspectives on Suffering

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 Has anxiety always been so pervasive a problem as it is today in modern cultures? Are we just naming a problem which has in fact always crippled mankind? Or, is it in fact a byproduct of the fast changing, technology driven times in which we find ourselves? While in the past, the farmer, the warrior [...]

31 August, 2015

What Stands in the Way of Your Happiness?

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There is only one reason anyone initially goes into therapy – they sense that something is amiss in their lives. They feel that they are not living up to their potential or perhaps there is a particular relationship or issue that seems to be standing in the way of their happiness or well-being. Often clients [...]

20 August, 2015

Bless Them and Let Them Go: The Ubiquity of Loss

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I have been reflecting on life and death these past weeks, which brought me to thinking about those mini births and deaths that make up part and parcel of our daily lives. The birth of something new is usually a joyous, affirming experience, but we tend to forget about the little deaths that preceded it [...]

27 July, 2015

Why Therapy: Laundry and Take-Out

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Going into therapy, finding the right therapist - it's a risk. Why would anyone want to bare their soul to a stranger - does the thought make you feel hugely vulnerable, awkward? Isn't it extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable? Yes it can be, but the more dominant feeling of clients who walk over that bridge is one [...]

18 May, 2015

On Dealing With Anxiety: A Conversation With a Young Man

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Recently I had a conversation over the internet with a young man who has been dealing with anxiety. This seems to be such a common problem, especially with young people who have so much uncertainty about the meaning of life, themselves, and their future.  As I reread the text of our conversation, it occurred to [...]

27 March, 2015

On Birth, Death and Rebirth

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I've been thinking about birth and death lately, as someone I know has been approaching death. It struck me the other day how these two big events, between which we live out our lives, have some meaningful opposites. If you think about the soul incarnating into a baby's body, I imagine it would feel terrified [...]

1 February, 2015

Why is the Soul So Shy?

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I have tentatively started – yet once again – to write in a journal, inspired by Virginia Woolfe, Anais Nin and even Kierkegaarde. My earliest inspiration for doing do was The Diary of Anne Frank, which I read  around the same age she was when she wrote that remarkable book - at the ripe old [...]