Dealing with Grief and Loss

In the early stages, very little can be said – you can only offer your presence

So much of what we might say will sound like platitudes. It is the part of being human that we most reject – the ubiquity of loss. Death awaits us all, and yet the death or loss or tragic illness or injury of our loved ones (or our own imminent death) is the most difficult thing to accept. The most healing thing a friend or a therapist can do is to simply sit with the grieving person for as long as they need you there. Hold on to the judgments and the homilies, and don’t rush them. Friends and family have a natural tendency to move on and, often without realizing it, place expectations on the grieving person that they do the same. This can feel like unwanted pressure, and it can be a very lonely time. When this happens, it is very important to reach out and get the help you need.

You don’t need to do this on your own

In fact you have probably already tried that

I have had over 24 years of helping clients deal with issues of grief and loss. I can help you reclaim your joy and find new purpose and meaning in your life.

Together we will face into this from many angles:

  • we will try to understand what your deepest Self is trying to show you through your dreams, analyzing the how the unconscious is manifesting in the images. The inner teacher/guide is often most present in the underlying wisdom of the dream
  • we will explore the deep knowing and wisdom that is locked in your body’s symptoms and the deeply held patterns in your body. As we unlock these deeply held patterns, there is often a deep sense of understanding and insight
  • we will explore family history and other important relationships that have shaped you and had a pivotal affect on you