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16 December, 2015

Holiday Blues: Tips for Dealing with Depression

By |2017-01-17T13:51:29-05:00December 16th, 2015|Anxiety and Depression, blog, Relationships, Self Awareness|Comments Off on Holiday Blues: Tips for Dealing with Depression

      Somewhere along the way, we westerners have wholeheartedly embraced the notion that the holidays are supposed to be about having wonderful, cozy, nurturing and loving times with our families. Holding onto that thought can be depressing. As if all the tension, stress and dysfunctionality that we may have experienced with various members [...]

22 October, 2015

What is Self Awareness?

By |2017-01-17T13:51:30-05:00October 22nd, 2015|Self Awareness|Comments Off on What is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness is the bedrock of all therapy. The degree to which you are self aware will shape everything in your life – your relationships, how you handle challenges and obstacles, how you deal with failure, and whether or not you can rise from the ashes and recreate your life anew. A lack of self-awareness, on [...]

20 September, 2015

Understanding Relationships

By |2017-01-17T13:51:30-05:00September 20th, 2015|Relationships, Self Awareness|Comments Off on Understanding Relationships

  Animals can teach us a lot about relationships. They just seem to handle them so naturally and gracefully, with a minimum of fuss. Not so for we humans. All of life involves relationships of various sorts and they are central to our human lives. They are the alchemical vessels we are cooked in, changed [...]

27 July, 2015

Why Therapy: Laundry and Take-Out

By |2017-01-17T13:51:30-05:00July 27th, 2015|Self Awareness|3 Comments

Going into therapy, finding the right therapist - it's a risk. Why would anyone want to bare their soul to a stranger - does the thought make you feel hugely vulnerable, awkward? Isn't it extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable? Yes it can be, but the more dominant feeling of clients who walk over that bridge is one [...]

27 March, 2015

On Birth, Death and Rebirth

By |2017-01-17T13:51:31-05:00March 27th, 2015|Grief and Loss, Self Awareness|1 Comment

I've been thinking about birth and death lately, as someone I know has been approaching death. It struck me the other day how these two big events, between which we live out our lives, have some meaningful opposites. If you think about the soul incarnating into a baby's body, I imagine it would feel terrified [...]

9 November, 2014

Whom or What Do We Serve?

By |2017-01-17T13:51:31-05:00November 9th, 2014|Myth and Meaning, Self Awareness|2 Comments

The image of this beautiful cow at the Cow's Ball in Bohinj, Slovenia has stayed with me since attending this wonderful local annual festival in Bohinj last September. It is an annual ritual in which the local people celebrate and honour the cows as they bring them down from the high mountain pastures to the [...]

21 June, 2014

Seven Habits of the Happy Introvert: Living in the World of Yin

By |2017-01-17T13:51:31-05:00June 21st, 2014|Myth and Meaning, Self Awareness|16 Comments

  Notice I didn’t say the “successful” introvert. Self-help books abound on how to be successful: The 10 Habits of a Successful Leader, Seven Ways to be an Effective Leader, The 8 Habits of the Self-Made Rich, How to be a Success and Achieve Abundance: 8 Steps to Achieve Your Goals, etc. Frankly,these titles just [...]

18 May, 2014

A Terrible Love of War: a book review

By |2017-01-17T13:51:31-05:00May 18th, 2014|Myth and Meaning, Relationships, Self Awareness|39 Comments

James Hillman’s extraordinary book, A Terrible Love of War, examines the phenomena of war in our world in an effort to understand its importance, its inevitability, its impact and its meaning. It is divided into four chapters: War is Normal, War is Inhuman, War is Sublime, and Religion is War. While the first chapter lays [...]